My Messengers

Behold, I will send my messenger!

Malachi Chapter 3 is of course a for-shadowing of Jesus Christ as the Messenger to the People. I want to however take a deep look into the scripture. I also see in this message from God that He, Jesus Christ Prepares the way for Me(Lord Of Host) God has the physical death of Him happen to prepare the placement for the veil. Which Jesus Christ torn the Veil on the day of His crucifixion.

Thus preparing the All consuming Spirit of Fire( Holy Spirit & Soul of God to Return back for The People who received the Message from the Messenger. Seeing that Jesus Christ is the Lord of Host, we are seeing the Work of Gods omnipresent factor. Within the Vessel (Messenger) As The Lord of Host (Commander) The return and epic battle of the serpents end can not come to pass without the defeat of Satan’s Stronghold “Sin”. Which was rightfully done by the perfect work on the Cross.
Thankfully Today God has giving us the Holy Spirit which is the Discerning and Understanding of all things, Since it is the Literally Spirit of God. We are again that For- Shadowing of Jesus Christ! Being brought back from the dead, risen in a new Body! Given power over Death and called to peach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Our Bodies are the broken vessels in which the light shines out of from God, which is His glory! His Glory is the anointing, Power and Gifts. This allows us to Spiritual battle and win souls for the Kingdom!

Word for the Day: God gave you a shoe to step in, and you walked. God gave you a plate and you ate its food. God gave you a life and you lived it. God gave you a choice and you chose. God says Now I gave you a testimony, now Speak it to the Nations! Speak it my Messenger!

Who are you? You are the Messenger called forth from God! Be the one to encourage, be the one to teach, be the one to lead, be the one who Shares Jesus!

One thought on “My Messengers

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