Majesty Messiah Yeshua


💟Messiah Yeshua: Sweet Surrender & Embrace💟
🌟The stars are so bright tonight🌟
In the northern Iowa skies.
Jesus I can see Your light shining
As You look upon me
Through Your sweet heavenly eyes.
I need You, dear Messiah,
🌟As I look up into the starry glass sky🌟
🌟It’s so crystal clear from standing right here🌟
💎I can almost see your radiant throne💎
You cast out all fear.
I’m on the road to freedom
And I know You’ve got big plans for me.
Abba Father, Your face is all I long to see.
I stand in awe of You, Lord,
As I look up above me
🌟All of the stars shining down upon me🌟
They are beautifully radiant this night.
I look up into the heavens above me
And I can feel your Holy Ghost
Wrap around me tight.
I’m filled with excitement
As I ponder what it is You have planned for me…
Sister In Christ that I just met,
Says: You have a mighty call for me.
I surrender sweetly into Your infinite embrace.
I dream of the days when I can just walk beside You
And speak about ALL things.
💦By the river of Life in heaven💦
I want to sit down beside You, my King…
And I wish to serenade You with any song
🎵You’d love to hear me sing🎵
Right now I’m going through the most fiery trial
I’ve known in so long,
And I know it’s meant to be the toughest on me
Because I’m strong enough.
You are sending me through the fire of refinement
Once again…
Sweet Messiah… I am so blessed for this.
It tells me just how much You love me,
And what You have in store for my near future
🌟Is going to set me free🌟
I love You, my LORD, my God, my King.
You, sweet dear Messiah, are my everything!
As I look up again into the crystal darkness
🌟Of the Iowa night sky🌟
I am standing in awe of the infinite stars
Numbering every Holy angel that flies.
Lord, You are unable to be captured
🎵In words, songs, or rhymes🎵
But I want to give You something special each day
That brings Your heart ever closer to mine.
I desire to bow down unto You
And to worship You as my eternal King.
Until that moment when I have that chance,
I shall bow in spirit, and for You, rhyme and sing.
🌟I love You, King Jesus🌟
From the depths of my immortal soul.
My heart belongs to You, my Bridegroom
Without You, I would not be whole.
🌟So looking up into the depthless heavens🌟
🌟Staring in awe of the infinite stars this night🌟
I imagine You staring back at me smiling
🔥For You, my King, I will endure the fire🔥
🔥Coming out ablaze and ever shining🔥

Roxanne  Marie Byzewski
God Head Disciple Ministry©


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