Identity of His creation

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Man was created to have fellowship

The creation of man mind body and spirit. God made a blueprint to design us Genesis 1:27 says so God created him in his image meaning our image the holy spirit in Jesus Christ and Abba Father. God’s model is a body a soul and a spirit. The body is the outer courts of one’s self. However the body is also the outer courts of the church or the body of Christ. Which in reflection is the Flesh of Jesus Christ when he was on Earth. His own outer courts. The soul is the Eternal Word of God which is the heart and desires of God described throughout the Bible. And spirit which is the self-existent goes that God breathed into Adam. God is literally that Spirit.

Man was created in the Image of God(ABBA;Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ)

So the makeup of mankind is literally a replication of God himself. You have the outer courts you have the inner Court and then you have the holies of holies. I will begin to break this down to you so that you as the vessel can see you obtain the holy of holies which God’s spirit is and you also possess the Intercourse of a person or a vessel because it is the soul. The greatest gift God gave us was to make our own decisions which comes with having a soul. If you study psychology, psychology comes from the word soul in the Greek. What I am saying is God desires you to have the mind or the soul of God so that you operate in the Spirit. Which is also known as his Everlasting fire.

Now the outer core and inner court and holy of holies within the church body. We have the outer courts who are the evangelist. You have your intercessors. You have your warriors preaching the gospel. Then you have the inner courts which assembles us together as a church and we begin to express knowledge and wisdom through the word of God. This is the soul being shared and replicated again and again and again. Thus igniting the spirit within somebody’s outer court and inner Courts. Only the spirit of God can come within the vessel if the heart is prepared to receive it. Now to receive it in the heart would be prepared to open up for the Holy Spirit to Everlasting fire. You must prepare the physical body by repositioning it to receive the soul or the mind of God which is the word of God. Some find this in the body of Christ for church. Some have found this in life or death experiences period some were raised in this. And somewhere not.

Now that I have set a foundation of types and shadows let me go further to the Divine Essence of Jesus Christ the outer shell of him the inner shell of him in the spirit of him. And John 1:1 the embodiment of Christ was physical yet the psyche was given to Christ so that his performance on Earth would be the thoughts and emotions of God. This fills the prophecy of him being Emmanuel. Christ said himself I came to fulfill the law not condemn the law. Which in essence means he was walking around with the mind of God because he is the word of God In the Flesh. Now John 1:1 also combine the word and God being one so we know that God In the Flesh was Jesus Christ. This is now his divinity statement. Jesus is Lord of lords and King of Kings he is Alpha and the Omega. Now let me share with you why he did what he did.

As the perfect sacrifice he performed perfect thoughts and desires so that in walking like him physically we would be under his perfect before me Grace and when she comes for the anointing of God spirit and parted on to us. And upon Christ through baptism this is where it began. Have you ever stop to think about cooking preparing the meal or in this statement preparing the sacrifice had to be cleansed of the outer shell. This is a foreshadowing of him cleansing the church. So that he would have fellowship with in the Intercourse of the church. So that the bill would be torn for fellowship with God. God was conditioning his vessel.. He left a mark in society on how to become a part of God’s Kingdom. Likewise our vessels are to forbear the environment based on our relationship and fellowship with God. John his cousin said that he was not worthy to place Christ into the water. But Jesus said unto him suffer it to be done. As John suffered it to be done and purging the son under the Water he was releasing the first demise from the enemy. Which was to affect the outer Court of a man or the outer courts of the church. Now he begins his ministry and begins to fellowship with people around him who had not yet received the Eternal gift of Salvation this is church and its self. This was the inner Court he began to become intimate with mankind God himself in the flesh begin to become interment with his disciples teaching him the law under grace.

So we enter the embodiment of Christ because of our Brokenness which is why God in the word of God in flesh as Jesus Christ came to become intimate in the Intercourse of mankind. The gift that comes with an intimate relationship with the invisible image of God who is Jesus Christ is the spirit of the Lord which we know as the Holy Spirit. Christ came and the Holy Spirit descended down onto him like a dove setting forth his assignment to Bear the Holy Spirit and his whole body. Yet as mankind we were Broken Vessels seeking the one true king who had the spirit to bear. This is how Christ becomes the forbearing one of the spirit so that he releases the spirit up to God on the throne and relinquishes its power into the church the outer core and the inner Courts for the holy of holies to return to the Earth again. By doing this he was rewarded name above all names King of Kings. Because he came as a servant on an assignment to save Mankind through his Holiness and his whole ship. His role was to show us how to become a authoritative of men of God. By doing this he discipled us as a servant but as the king the servant was the man the King was the divine spirit. The man was the son but the spirit was God. He designed us to be a sort of figure through kingship which means to rule or to keep protective of the Earth this realm. He also designed us to not invest ourselves into the world for all the things but to invest ourselves in the kingdom of God so that the world and its realm would be enlightened. So now that you understand we are literal vessels the outer Court the inner court and the holy of holies for our King.

Now the authority comes through priesthood learning to apply the blood of Jesus over our lives throughout our generation to wage war against the enemy because we have been transferred into a new kingdom meaning we are a posing threat to the kingdom that we stand on today which is Earth. Once we have entered into the holy of holies with God and we begin to walk in the intercourse with Christ and the mind of God our outer appearance will resonate with Glory the holy spirit will be upon us. And we become Satan’s main target.

Our unification who are broke and this is the perfect performing bride body. Being led first from the first born from the dead through his death and Resurrection. We are resurrected from the dead by he who was made dead for our sin. In essence he created resurrection and the body this is how the spirit is imparted within you because he created the new body allowing you to receive Revelation words gifts and wonders because the literal spirit of God and the soul of God is embodied within you and you are that vessel. The spirit is our weaponry and our soul is how we perform the Spirits power.

Man was created to rule

Our identity is most valuable to us when it comes to Warfare. God has designed us to rule through his soul which is the word of God. When we actively speak the word, It involves the spirit of God. When we walk in the spirit the fullness of the godhead is embodied to us giving us Authority and power over the enemy. This type of power is known as exusea. We are now in the position to rule and govern our lives under the word of God and Under The Rule-ship of Christ that we are able to influence others. Bringing from the outer courts of the world into the inner courts of the world so that the holy of holies can speak to the outer courts of mankind where God in the spirit can touch the Men and women in their hearts. This is a powerful revelation. This is what the remnant on fire the Army and the Warriors are warring over. Salvation for the hearts of the outer courts have never witnessed the love and grace of God.

We are designed to step into our priesthood under the blood of Jesus Christ to be discipled to become kingship so that we can conquer the ground and go to the outer courts on our behalf of the king and on the behalf of mankind we are his Royal servants. If we begin to neglect this opportunity the spirit of the Lord will evaporate. We can extinguish the Flames of the Everlasting God by offending the word of God by our sin. To obtain kingship we must learn to place our lives under the rule ship of God and placing the blood over our entire lives pleasing the Lord by our faith. And ruling by his power and might and not by ours. His power his spirit is the Weaponry to operate in our kinship we must operate like kings who are still in our mind. You have the Choice. God bless you I hope that this has been able to bless you, teach you.



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