Hidden and Engraved Words

                        Psalms 119: 10
Words that operate our Soul

” With my whole heart have I sought you, inquiring for and of you and yearning for your, oh let me not wonder or step aside either in ignorance or willfully from your commandments” AMPV

The whole Body of Jesus had to be submerged, beaten, and buried. Jesus gave is all when He paved the way for our perfect salvation. God requires the same from us, even when things seem so hard. God reminds our hearts the last time we surrendered something. Giving us assurance He has kept us in mind and that we are to live in peace with Trust in Him.
When we seek Him wholehearted, our soul begins to see His desires for us. How great they are O Lord!
When we see the way God sees in our hearts, we are pleased and comforted against the wolves of this World. Comfort over bares pain. This is because we are hiding the Word of the Everlasting King within our Hearts. This is what keeps us together. This is what allows us to bare the pain. His words have engraved themselves after experiencing them time and time again. Its a wonderful Promise God allows us to feel in this life time.

Do you have the Promises of God engraved on your Heart?

Dear Lord, Yahovah of Sabaoth and of Shalom we call upon your host of armies and peace they will bring. Engrave your Words upon our Hearts. Prepare us Lord as your Warriors for the Battle.  God keep me from the Path of distractions, and up hold me through the uphill fight! Be my Commander King Yeshua! In Jesus name Amen!



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