Enter into the Gates with thanksgiving

Psalms 100
When making a joyful Shout to the Lord we serve god with our gladness and rejoice. When we serve god with the vibrations of our shouts he and his angels here the presence here the vibration hear the love hear the joy that he has created into a lives.

It makes him proud to hear his people shout before him his praise because he is worthy. He is glorified because in verse 3 it says we know that our Lord he is God it is he who has made us and not we ourselves.

When we praise God and enter into the courts of Thanksgiving we are submissive yet authoritative under the most high King. Can you imagine God seeing our praise and thankfulness to him and how we will bless his name? Can you imagine how great the Lord is to us once viewing his children giving up to the Everlasting fire that is in dwelling within them?

Try to imagine when we praise him we are warring in the realm of spirit setting that our eyes on our obstacles but of the one who destroys all obstacles. We are set before the Lord who may have even given us the obstacle yet we shall praise him through our tribulations. This is a part of a devotion of the Heart To Our God it is a Declaration of our Essence are being are living breathing selves to the most high King. Declaring that his Mercy is Everlasting and his truth endureth to All Nations.

God bless you this thanksgiving from the bottom of our hearts- Devotion by GOD HEAD DISCIPLE MINISTRY©

we attached our morning ministry video to you! God bless and enjoy!


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