My Father: A Flaming Fire

🌟Abba Father…🌟
🌟You placed all of the stars🌟
✨In the sky✨
🌟And you call them all by name…🌟
✨How great is Your power, Oh Lord…?!
✨Your understanding is infinite.
🌟I bless Your Holy Name, Oh Lord…!
🌟Bless The Lord, Oh my soul:
✨My God who is clothed in
✨Honor and in Majesty…
🌟Who covereth Himself with Light
🌟As with a garment…
✨As He stretches out the heavens
✨Like a curtain…
🌟Who lays the beams of His chambers
🌟In the waters…
✨Who makes the clouds His chariot
✨Who walks upon the wings
🌟Of the wind…
🌟Who makes His angels spirits
✨And His ministers, a flaming fire…
✨Who laid the foundations
🌟Of the earth…
🌟Oh Lord:
✨How marvelous are Your works…!
✨Your beautiful creation
🌟Sings and shines
🌟GLORY to Your Name!
✨For Your glory shall endure…
✨F O R E V E R✨
🌟As long as I live, Abba Father,
🌟I shall sing praises to Your Name!
✨For it is You who has done
✨All of these things,
🌟Yet still You pass over 10,000
🌟Just to get to me…
🌟You know my name
✨And You hold me as a babe
✨Cradling me ever close to Your heart
🌟Never letting go of me…
🌟You wipe every tear away
✨Through the night…
✨And You never fail me
🌟To bring forth joy in the morning…!
🌟You heal my broken heart
✨And You bind up my wounds…
🌟I hope in Your mercy
🌟And You take delight in me…
✨Who am I, Oh Lord,
✨That Thou would love,
🌟And remember me…?!
🌟I fail You every single day of my life
✨I fall always…
✨Yet You pick me up over and over,
🌟Extending Your unfailing love and grace.
🌟You let not one petal to fall from place.
💦The wind and the rain…
❄️The snow and the ice…
✨They all cast forth from
✨Your mighty hand.
🌟Who can stand before Thee…?
🌟Abba Father,
✨I know that I do wrong…
✨But whatever happens I know
🌟That nothing is too horrible
🌟That You would cast me away…
✨That I can come running
✨Straight up to Your throne
🌟Of tender loving mercy and grace
🌟Into Your strong and mighty arms!
💦💎Praise Him: all ye Angels…!
💦💎Praise Him: sun and moon…!
💦💎Praise Him: all ye stars of light…!
💦💎Praise Him: Heavens of Heavens…!
💦💎Praise Him: waters above the Heavens
✨Let us all F O R E V E R:
🌟For HE commanded,
🌟And we were all created…!
✨Abba Father…✨
✨You placed the stars in the sky…
🌟You did all of these glorious things…
🌟Yet You still call me… Beautiful.
✨I will never be worthy of Your love,
✨But You love me anyway.
🌟Thank You… Abba Father🌟
🌟Lord of all the heavens and the earth.
✨For when You stand…
🌟I feel all of Heaven tremble…!!!
✨I lift my eyes up…
✨My help comes from The LORD…!!
✨Psalm 104, 147, 148✨
✨Reference to praise✨
✨Exalting His Holy Name✨
Roxanne Marie Byzewski,
God Head Disciple Ministry©

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