Thankfulness and Praise

First Chronicles 29:13 now therefore Our God we thank thee and praise thy glorious name

Today’s era we have diverse ways of worshiping so many things before we are even thinking about giving praise to our King. I’ve noticed even in my own walk along with other churches who have looked at ourselves and realize that the society has began a erroneous style of worship to the world and its devices which is trickery rather than a worship, thankfulness and praise to the most high King who is Worthy. Today I encourage us before our feet hit the ground that we send up a prayer to the Lord. I have even found myself wanting to praise or thank God as soon as I get up. Which we know instantly within the spirit,that is a form of an attack against our calling and our King. Satan seeks to destroy you, who is a treat to the Kingdom of darkness. We should know since we all were once there! Praise God we were transformed into a new body. We were transferred into a different Kingdom which is the Kingdom of Light. Glory! Now we have a war at the doors of our hearts! Everyday and morning get up begin to praise and worship God the moment we are able to breathe in the new the New Day!
Spiritual warfare starts with praise. Spiritual warfare is waged by speaking to the most high God. We do not acknowledge our enemy because we are above our enemy. Spiritual warfare is a declaration of who God is. In spiritual warfare is Us Standing on the Promises of God while decorating it in front of the serpent the ancient devil. So give praise to the most high King Yeshua. Be encouraged people of God in the name of Jesus.



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