Think Big and Speak Victory

Your Words and Thoughts

When God Spoke in Genesis we know that it happen and that was our creation story pertaining to the creation of Light that divided the darkness, firmaments the divided the waters; Named Heaven. The waters also that gathered together to form the lands which the Earth would form a place for Nations to be established later. The grass that brought forth seeds and fruits to its kind, Trees, bushes, plants, etc. The Lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day and night, built for seasons being for signs for days and years, giving light from the heavens. The most powerful statement in the creation part of the story of Genesis is when it says multiple times,”And it was so.” Ref. Genesis 1:1-31 

So in a very strong way our thoughts and words create many things before us. Pertaining to the Worship of Our King, our thoughts and words should be on Him. Like wise in Warfare. Everything in the universe begins with and revolves around two things: Thoughts and Words. These two things mold and shape the destiny of human creation. It forms the creative substance because it is spoken out and or thought of. We simply become what we believe. However because we are aware of the spiritual warfare within our lives the knowledge is a barrier from the enemy. Of course that is what The enemy first attacks not your faith. He challenges your knowledge you have in God with questions which are the seeds to bare fruit of confusion, doubt and fear. However You have been given not only the Word of God but choice, freedom to take a direction into the faithful living such as calling a friend, prayer, fasting, and service. To accomplish warfare through out our personal lives we must become tactful and despise the enemy. Hate what God hates and love what God loves. Our thoughts, intentions, motivations, and aspirations are fueled by Gods word which defeats the lies the enemy wants to plant. Hidden in our heart within are our desires and request that God knows. Prayers make them known into the realms before the Throne of God! We can make things harder for us if we speak out all things. Some things God wants to keep hidden within so that He can move on our behalf through our faith. 

We can birth major breakthroughs in warfare if our thoughts and minds are on high anointed thinking. That comes with prayer and reading the Word of God. Knowledge is power and the more you take time with God, the more He can equip you through understanding, experience and Wisdom. Believe that He is calling and choosing you today! He is uprising a Mighty Army. Be encouraged and blessed. 


“Do not walk into battle ensnaring yourself before you strike” – Daniel Byzewski
Spiritual Warfare Basic 101

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Where one can find inspiration by truth and experience. Discovering the in and outs of the process within spiritual principles and what they mean to me in my life and personal relationship with God. A open-minded traveler designed to enlighten, as well shining the light in darkness where others may be blinded. Discipleship is a cost, it bares forth fruits worth baring. Jesus Is my Lord #GodHeadDisciple
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2 Responses to Think Big and Speak Victory

  1. Mary Duncan says:

    Yes we must be equipped with the word of God to fight the battle otherwise it will be like going to war field with a gun with no bullets. 🙂

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