Peace of God

peace-of-god-demoStanding in faith

Scripture: Philippians 4:6 -7

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with Thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God, and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and Minds through Christ Jesus.”

There is now a direct order to obtain the promise of peace that is do not be anxious, how?
You may start to begin to ask yourself how can I be not anxious with certain trials that I am facing. You may be asking yourself what about all of the rumors of wars and the election and laws being passed that are ungodly. You maybe even asking how can I not be stressed with all the work and all the anxiety that comes with everything in my Society. I say to you exactly!
You see I firmly believe that God knew that we would be anxious we would be stressed we would have depression we would have these problems in today Society. And however because we’re faced with a God says not to do it, because we are seeking him.


If we are to begin to seek him and find the peace then he is telling us to not be anxious and how to do it in Philippians 4:6 & 7
A little bit later I will also try this scripture into Warfare as well. Lets pick up when it says in the scripture that “in everything by prayer and supplication” This is how we do it!
Now you might be asking yourself what is supplication? Supplication simply is the attitude or the action of earnestly and humbly asking for something making your request. It is an action along with prayer it is the attitude with the prayer Being Earnest having humility. Now “With Thanksgiving let your requests he made known”

This is where we begin to love on God praise on worship would come into practice this is where we begin to Magnify Him in the situation declaring that it’s already been taken care of and that we are stepping into our faithfulness rather than are weariness or anxiety.

Promise from God is the product of Peace, calm, Reviving, pure, sound peace of God “which surpasses meaning (it’s above and far beyond all) understanding” let’s go with “his ways are higher than our ways” it will guard your hearts and Minds through Christ Jesus.

Warfare and Growth by standing in Faith

I want you to notice one word in that scripture his promise is to give us peace but if other promise is to guard. Do you not realize that he is speaking of guarding the heart and the mind. Christians are ordered to take up the armor of God. This changes everything. He’s not only preparing us for battle but he’s also keeping us full of clarity and awareness awake so that we are able to spiritually move in the realm of the Spirit. Do you know that you are seated high places with a God? However we are not able to operate in Authority by the blood and authority of Christ Jesus if we are confused because we are confounded by Affliction and oppression from demonic principality.

So you asked me what does this have to do with Standing on the Promises of God? It has everything to do with stepping out in faith and not living in a life full of anxiety. Yer producing our first fruits full of action and making requests known to God and a humble and Earnest prayer stepping out in faith knowing that God is calling us into a deeper relationship. This includes our priesthood and kingship to have dominion and power over the Demonic influence and not only our today life in society but our children’s life and Society. This begins with prophetically speaking into our lives the word of God. This is where we begin to stand in Authority rather than standing and waiting, we are now taking action. This is where we begin to share the promises of God with others. This is where we begin to serve and to ignite the body of Christ. When we are guarded by the helmet and the breastplate of righteousness our hearts are guarded from fleshly intentions that would mislead Us in the soulish or psychological mindset. Each piece of God’s armor has a specific area that it affects and defends. We are being defended by Salvation, Redemption and our identity being a child of God but it is also affecting our mental mindset. Therefore we are able to be transformed in the mind by fear and trembling of our salvation. When we put on the breastplate of righteousness it does not conflict out heart because we are beginning to live in righteousness so it is defending our heart from immoral and unclean things and it is affecting our heart producing more love and more service and more discipleship and becoming a deeper more operative vessel in the spirit. The Realm of the body of Christ.

So my question to all of this is if we are confused physically how can you operate in the Spirit? we can not! Now does that conflict with our intentions of a heart? Yes.  We must be awake and aware to understand every bit of how this is connected. We can not have the physical without the spiritual. The spiritual know is operating in the physical. Warfare can be caused by physical things happening like prayer and carrying out the welfare of God, being faithful! Spiritual things happened because of things that physically cannot be moved or changed that needs to be because it is asked for by prayers and requests made known to God. We are in the middle of it all with our soul. The mind the emotions and will. It is the soul and the spirit that are awakened within the body vessel which allows the spirit to produce God’s promises by our faithfulness and obedience to wage war! Our souls become illuminated our minds and emotions become enlightened and our actions become an illustration that our spiritual man grows and is being exercised so that we fit into our positions, who we are called to be.

So what if we stand on the Promises of God, and begin to step into our roles that God is called to be. 20160925_155643.jpg

©All rights reserved. Anything shared or used of this teaching must be asked By Daniel Byzewski


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