Whispers from God

God is an awesome God! He always provides a whisper of either blessings or truth to those who are listening. He is always able to still the raging waters of the seas to those who are in the midst of them. He is always able to break down walls that block the ways of establishing His Kingdom. He is an amazing God.


I have experienced Gods blessings and truth in little ways and big ways especially when I am listening and talking with Him. One day at work recently I had Him speak directly to me about the time I was getting off. Now I had been scheduled different but only God could have before told me that I would stay until a certain time. Not to longer after that I was asked to stay and work a little bit longer. This is just an example. In essence God blessed with the this truth and I was able to be helpful to my company and employees. He also shows me that God does not desire us to be blind, but aware. I love the experience I have with Him confirming little things to me through out the day.

God has literally in my life calmed the raging seas of anger or strife. I have struggled with becoming worked up or over thinking things, quickly in a negative mindset and yet, in a slip second His words fall into my thoughts and my heart and I begin to see the Love and Peace that He is always offered. It is simply His presence.

God has broken down walls within me and around me in my life. Walls of fear and ego, He let His words and experiences manifest throughout life let me see that there is not fear in love, and there is no God in Ego. His presence through the Word has the ability to break down strong holds and in this way walls or barriers that stops His Kingdom from fully working with in me, so that my surrounding are effected by the Power of His love.


In Psalms 107:29-30 God silences the strong winds that were enabling His people to getting to land. God calmed the raging sea and let them be delighted through it as they could enter into the port. God desires to share with Us His power. That is why Deliverance is possible and evident. In Chapter 107 of Psalms you will read more than just a few times of the picture David is trying to paint. Many that went their own way and found nothing and were in distress, He Delivered them it says. When they cried out to Him He saved them. This is stressed over and over again. For a reason. God is able to save you, and share with you His great power and Love by using you. The moral to this story is that If you are walking with the Lord, your going to face waves, walls and barriers, however If you are listening to Him, He will share with you truth and blessing.

 Prayer: God thank you for calming my raging seas, and breaking my walls or the barriers around me. Thank you that you see fit to deliver me out of your love and not my love for You! You are Faithful and Wonderful. Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name!


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