Be Anchored Today In The Word


Jesus always spoke to us through such deep speech, that was simple and convicting with the spirit of truth.  He was always aiming at the heart where He wants to be, In our Hearts. Being that He loved us, He was always aiming at Salvation of the Soul, and spoke of a Spirit of fire. He warned us, that we had a enemy, He told us he sought to steal from us. Stealing the Joy, the spirit of freedom and blamelessness.banner-t Being A Disciple, we are following Christ, Our Ships our set sailed He as the the Captain. Praise God! He stirring the Vessel will allow us to do wonderful things, see blessings unfold, letting His light shine through us, through the sea of hatred and bitterness, through violence, through anger and rage, through darkness and sickness, through desperation and plagues, through death and murder, through the mists of pains and heartache.As we go through our own storms, with the enemy, or simply with ourselves we find ourselves having to push aside the sights of this world and focus on the power, freedom and lightness of His Word. Easing our Hearts and minds, readying our Spirits for the next approach in the world.9099e1d83194767da555c23b32900a8d

Only now we Anchored like Hebrews6:19 Says “19Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which entereth into that within the veil,” We are entering into the world with the Light of Christ, as the vessel. The steered ship to now, aim our being at gathering ones at shipwreck, the ones crying out in pain, and desperation you can see it on them, through the light of the Spirit. The ones floating by on the water scared of the abiss that is swallowing them, constant waves of emotions, lies, and expose to the fallen state of this world the only thing they see is the glimmer of hope with the stirred vessel coming their way. The waves toss them, through the seas of deception, politics, war, relationships, the list goes on and on. The objective is to not let your vessel be anchored now, its to pursue the storm and be the light within it, for others. Cause Now we are yes within the storm but for the Glory of God we are Hand and Hand with our King Psalms say “24Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; for the LORD upholdeth him with His hand.” Yes The Lord has use as His Vessel in the storm, to reach our Hand into the mists of pain and darkness while We hold on to Our Glorious King. AMEN! Saving them from the perspective of depression,qitem darkness and hopelessness. We are the Hope, stirred into the Direction of Shipwreck. Shouting out into the world with our silent actions of Love. While Our Lights beems out over the waves of the sea, we saying Jesus the Lamb, My Captain, My King, whom shall you use me to save. Let us Go, into the abiss of the sea, into the world. Lets remove them from the bitterness, from the darkness, lets remove the doubt in their heart! God you Saved Me! God Move in me lets create Disciples! Yes Baptize them! Lord more lights for the Kingdom, Lord one more into the Kingdom to sing Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty! As we hear His commands, we are attuned to His Presence, we are vocal to His desire, calling out to Other Ships in the sea, beacons of Light in Jesus Christ to search out within the waves for others, crying out, with mouths open wide calling out to the Lord, drowning in sorrow and anger, doubt, with troubled hearts and spirits. Allowing them to see in the long stretch of the horizon the beams of light coming into their direction. To set sail against the waves with hope in their souls, with love within burning bright from the Lord on High, to bring them back to shelter and embrace the love of God within the arms of fellow vessels. Yes being anchored in the Word of God will allow you to set sail on the seas of darkness, and The Lord Almighty will use you to bring them to the waves of Love, peace and Beauty.Shipwreckhope

Written By Daniel Byzewski

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