Salvation; The Helmet

God gave us (it) with protection and power in it.


Salvation is given as a free gift from God, as we know. With salvation I want to look at piece of it, and what protection and power has to do with salvation.



The original helmet call the coolus was like a metal cap made of iron covered with bronze. A decade or so before Paul wrote his letter to the Ephesians the Roman helmet was redesigned a piece was added covering the neck and hinged cheek pieces completely protecting the face this helmet called “a galea” provided “complete protection for the head”

Why is protection needed in battle, and what does it have to do with spiritual warfare? EVERYTHING

What protects our hearts and our minds from the first of Satan’s schemes his lies is an understanding of Salvation itself. Romans 12:2 States be transformed by the renewing of your mind the translated word mind is “nous”, also meaning “perspective”
I believe it is important to state that our Salvation provides a perspective that protect us completely from Satan’s lies. If a helmet is given which is to protect the head and our mind is within our head that is being transformed by the renewing of the word of God then it is safe to say that the mind is very powerful and it is a key too Lucifer’s ways of war.

If you read Ephesians 1:3 through 23 it’s quite clear that salvation provides a unique something specific for our perspective it is quite assuring about who we are and our identity.

In our new identity, we were born again; God was involved in forming us and shaping us however Satan uses wounds inflicted by others to imbed lies in our minds that attempt to destroy our joy, steal our life and our identity the power that comes with that identity from each of us that God has formed us to become. It is his clear purpose.

God predestined us to be adopted as his children through Jesus Christ we were marked “predestined” before the foundations of the world and determined to bring us into a family. (Eph.1:5) that is our identity and anything that is of God is Holy, blameless,pure,strong beautiful and has Authority. Everything the enemy is not.

Do not let a lie of your image infect your perspective. A perspective changed, means you have listened and accepted what has been told. As we continuously and consciously reject the lies and affirm truth and begin to live in the power Jesus provides joy and freedom in that. It will not come if we collectively take pieces of false truth and try to incorporate that into our image to portray ourselves what God is trying to build.W e are not the builders we are his children and warriors.

You may have struggled with the concept of this, and maybe never understood why we have armor, standing against spiritual forces and lies that can alter our thoughts. Maybe you already knew and it is a reminder and it is time to put it back on, and by keeping it on you want to affirm powerful truths about yourself in the word of God.

God gave us power within the tongue to speak in a firm truth to ourselves the word of God. (Proverbs 18:21) If you believe that then confess by saying loving father I confess that I believed Satan’s lies about who I am. I have accepted defeat and humiliation as though these were my dew. I have failed to live as the new creation as your word says that I am for all this I ask for forgiveness. God and Father I praise you for the gift of forgiveness won for me by Christ on the cross. I have acknowledged that you have forgiven me and accepted me I acknowledge that I am your child and I inherit your kingdom.

(Ephesians 6:17) and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.
(Isaiah 59;17) he put on righteousness like a breastplate a helmet of salvation on his head and he put on garments of Vengeance for clothing and wrapped himself with zeal as a mantle.
(1 Thessalonians 5:8) but since we are of the day let us be sober having put on the breastplate of faith and love and as a helmet the hope of salvation.

Memorize verses like the following that affirm your true identity
1st John 3:1 How Great Is the Love the father has lavished on us that we should take on the name children of God and that is what we are
Galatians 4:6-7 because we are his sons God has sent the spirit his son into our hearts so now we can rightly speak of God as our dear father now we are no longer slaves but God’s Own sons and since we are his sons everything he has belongs to us but that is the way God planned

If we personally know our identity who we are called to be best believe our enemy knows as well, this is the reason once we were born into a new body, and creation, family and kingdom we were told to count the cost and prepare for war.

Written by: Daniel Byzewski

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