The First step into the Fight

The moment we first began about life and death, good and evil, choices and free will, we became aware of the ebb and flow. The constant change by thought and action, by emotion into motion. we began to see the evidence of life and the cost of actions bringing forth results of either good and or not. Effects are felt therefore by the results it bares further the constant change, and the drive to change what has already taken place.

Life has its eternal purpose, and We have a purpose for living. The eternal purpose of life to me is the evidence of something greater and more profound than me. Something far beyond what i can see, feel, and understand and yet still be open to experience it. Now our purpose for this life that I chose to believe was gifted to me and humanity is to share that experience , contain the evidence of something far beyond my reach and understanding. When I say contain I literally mean to contain the actual presence of this source, power, and then shining it into the world as we know it.

This is where I see the journey begins…MaryLaneAnderson_Creation(13)

For me witnessing something that effected someone or myself in a harmful, hurtful or “dark” way was evidence that bad things happen. Life Happens to go on with bad or good things happening. Taking that a step further, and witnessing the world as we may see it, is this not evidence enough? I pondered and tried to stay optimistic of course, but fact remains that its fate for things evil or unjust to happen, thus driving us back to moment in our thoughts, hearts and minds to change it. Or as some say accepting it but not tolerating it. I am one to believe life has simply continued because there are some who fight to see Good happen and others to see, well their own story play out. Either justified or unjustly written out, it may have caused many deaths or movements of change, hate, or even love and passion. What I am getting at is Our journey is but a small piece to a more enlarged battle, within in humanity, within ourselves, and within the spiritual sense as well.

So the first step into life, has been already taken, the first step into developing a spiritual journey however may have been never embraced or thought about. When I have thought of my own personal journey I thought only of recent experiences only to see I have traveled long already. Its not because I have been Spiritual, no of course not. Its now because of the way I view life, and purpose. I use to see mistakes as failure which resulted i
n shame or guilt(a view of personal image of ones self, and thoughts of self through others judgement) yet now I m embracing still that they are mere episodes of needed growth, change, support, and possibly a different approach from someone who has achieved what I am attempting. This is a fight, either we live to play out our ideas and try to fit where we think we are needed finding little or no results of our self growing, and branching out with our own experience.Or we accept simply our role, sometimes unaware and we actively seek direction to further guide ones before us and behind us. Sharing our battles and victories are our stories and evidence that we feel pain, we struggle and yet we find a breakthrough that at that moment is breath taking and refreshing. This to me is not only growth within the battle of life but also experience useful for the age of new life, within our generation and others to come. The focus on life is not about the unjust happening, its about the hard work to improve ourselves preparing us for whats coming, life comes at us in sometimes twisted ways. Physically we deal with pain, and accidents. We experience limits of where the body is able and yet unable to take. Mentally we discover a voice  of our own either self defeating or self inspiring. We deal with the emotional sense of where we would rather feel than discover the fact in our minds why we feel the way we feel. Yet once stepping into the realm of Spiritual content our thoughts and emotions become different. Spiritually we begin to see. I believe it to be a eye opening for its first time, blurry and unsure of what it is seeing, but know its seeing something. Yet unsure why it knows that is seeing to begin with. Thus we walk back into the awareness of something beyond our understanding, yet willing to believe it to be true. Seeing that in itself is spiritual, and thus to me is the reason why there is a push and pull, a ebb and flow, just and unjust, good and evil or light and dark. Once we are awaken, our eyes are able to see and build our sight, we are already within the fight. Physically, mentally, emotionally and yes Spiritually.

What is it that I should be aware of you might think? What will happen? What will come about in life for me? Well only I can share my common experiences and ideas but of course you can simply add to these and think deeply as I share with you.

The first step into the fight is knowing you will fall, not fail. Take out the concept of failure when it comes to spiritual terms and your journey. “Failure is only the moment of ones inability to see the opportunity to succeed.” A mere mistake or continual hang up is the evidence of weakness, hence why I have learned to find and seek the presence beyond my own understanding so that I can move forward and contain a inner peace within me while I battle. I have to be willing to view myself honestly, and yet view my thoughts or actions lightly to build the source or Power within me for others. Remember we are made to contain a power within ourselves that ensures life and prosperity for us but also and most importantly for others. We do live in a unjust and unloving realm, no matter where we go. Without light there could be no shadow, and without darkness no light can shine!

The first step into the fight is knowing that it will be painful, not deadly. Pain is the result of ones friction, unwilling to embrace or accept simply what is. Sometimes it is the inability to change, even unwillingness to see the need for change. “Pain is experienced when growths needed.” That being stated, Pain brings change. In some way it may influence others to lead a uproar, or write an inspirational book or even go as far as commit murder and or lie. Again returning to the very way of humanity has created continual life through thoughts and actions. actions lead to results, results effecting one or many, and one or many effected and moved to again change what has happen.  Change is always happening, everywhere through everyone on the face of this world. This brings me to the knowledge that once stepping into the spiritual journey you will never be the same again. I view this as ones life path, and becoming a warrior in experiences of life, throughout history, and our impression we build and leave on the earth in every person we come in presence to and the realm of the unseen( spiritual ) This is my thought, and as we begin to battle we no longer worry or fear about ourselves, but now care about the way we can be used. How can your scars contribute to others and how can your pain inspire others to heal?

The war in my experience starts and lies within the mind, God guides the spirit and steps of us as warriors. We having the ability to feel, within our hearts we are compelled to do things we do. As we Live we learn, and our experience molds and shapes our character and Our character imprints on humanity. Through the hearts of many God speaks to me, and through life I step into who God has called me to be.

Written by Daniel Byzewski on May 20 2016




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