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Our Ministry Vision

Our Ministry inspires believers with Christ-centered teachings in love and for direction. Our vision and hope is to equip, encourage and challenge the body of Christ. It is our main purpose, and with it we prepare the hearts for the return of Jesus Christ.

Our Aim is to point you and others to Jesus and the mighty finished work of the Cross. “Letter to the Saints”  is our prophetic letter for the week. Here is where you get weekly letters from us concerning the seasons & will of God. We pray it launches you into spiritual encounters with THE LORD, OUR GOD.



We want to share teaching material to correct, edify and direct the Army of God in the latter days.

The Cost of Discipleship is to follow Jesus Christ to end of the age, to reflect his image and be carriers of His glory. We strongly believe we have the power to bring the Kingdom of God here to earth. It first comes by God’s Salvation Plan.

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Tune in with us now as we are on mission to broadcast over 132 nations every thursday 10 am CST on RadioAirJesus



Our vision for the Body of Christ is to be built up, encouraged, equipped and challenged so that we excel on earth for God’s own will. We are the striking force of God by bringing the Kingdom to earth. Transformation and Reformation comes by ushering in God’s presence.

Our Vision is to reach the ends of the earth by not only with the teachings of Jesus Christ but being hands on with people personally and helping them build a relationship with Jesus Christ. This vision can grow and will grow with your support of just sharing our work and interest to make an impact on cites, states and Nations. Our Purpose begins within and burns outwardly. We believe with a little help and endorsement on many ends, with of course prayer and guidance by the Holy Spirit we can reach our goal into impacting not Only America but all Nations. If but one person from each Nation begins to consume themselves with the everlasting fire Of God, imagine not what Godhead Disciple Ministry can do but The Entire Body of Christ. We pray for your support and thank you in advance!

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We encourage others to share their testimonies of themselves or entire family transformations. We would love it interact with us. Growing in one mind and body is what we are called to do. If you are interested in sharing your testimonies click this link Testimonies.testimony-banner-01