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God bless you! Dedicated to Our First Love Jesus Christ!

Thank you for visiting Our Ministry. May God bless you on your journey with Jesus Christ and We pray that we are able to connect with you. Our Aim is to point you and others to Jesus and the mighty finished work on the Cross. Connected as well with The Warriors Journey sign up for The “Letter to the Saints” where you get a daily letters from Us! Encouraging, equipping, and scriptural message to you daily! 


We want to encourage and build up as many people through teachings, devotions, learning topics such as; spiritual warfare dealing with the Armor of God that we will be covering soon.

Learning The Names Of God (A series) Cultivate Spiritual RelationshipsHow to B.L.E.S.S someone.

Roxy Marie Byzewski presents Anointed Poetry in which is extraordinarily creative and passionate. This intimacy that is expressed through her poetry becomes real and emotional. We hope that it builds life and love with you and Our Creator, Yeshua Our Salvation.

The Cost of Discipleship Jesus gave us such a clear view on our journey as His Disciples. We are His and their is a price we learn to bare daily. 

18835912_823251894496231_6499851618131064993_nWe Have now a Warfare Basics 101 A Series presented by Daniel Byzewski, Teaching how praying and deliverance is important, along with Spiritual Warfare. Spiritual Warfare with out deliverance and Healing is just warfare with no Victory. Join Him on YouTube & here for further releases! 

We also keep you up with the concerns recently updated news around the world dealing with End Time Prophecy, through our Prophetic News.
Most Importantly learning the word and Gods Salvation Plan for you is our aim into launch you into battle and a Mighty fearless Warrior!
If You know anyone seeking prayer, deliverance and salvation send them to the cross, by the word and in your faith.

As a growing vision and mission to reach the earth we do ask for donation or planting a seed of giving to spread the Gospel and build up others in many ways. Your funds and donations will go to our local community Ministry Out-Reach, as well as advancing in equipment and ability to travel for upcoming Evangelical Ministries. Such things will birth like local schools and college speeches, worship and growing as a body.

To plant a seed or donation click here
We thank you for your generosity and seed planting! God Bless you in Jesus Name!



Our Ministry Vision

Our Ministry is merely ideals, goals and passion within visionary mission to share and build up the Body of Christ. Inspirational devotions and teachings through prayer filled studies to share from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We safely say we deal mostly in Intercession/Prayer/Prophetic/Deliverance/Spiritual Warfare. We are here to voice merely what We have found on our own Journey. By experience with life and its struggles, joys and accomplishments we personally share our stories and others. We choose to share to what seems to us our hope, light and a blessings. We wish to invest in Hope with the Message of Grace and Mercy. We devoted simply my life to Serve Christ and to spread His Teachings far and Wide.

To get a little more back ground and contact info please visit About Us

Yes We personally are looking to connect with as many Christian activist and anyone who is involved with Ministry. Pastors, Evangelical servants, Christian Bloggers & Writers.We all make up the body of Christ, and all have assignments carried out for God.

Our Vision is to reach the ends of the earth by not only with the teachings of Jesus Christ but being hands on with people personally and helping them build a relationship with Jesus Christ. This vision can grow and will grow with your support of just sharing our work and interest to make an impact on cites, states and Nations. Our Purpose begins within and burns outwardly. We believe with a little help and endorsement on many ends, with of course prayer and guidance by the Holy Spirit we can reach our goal into impacting not Only America but all Nations. If but one person from each Nation begins to consume themselves with the everlasting fire Of God Imagine not what God Head Disciple Ministry can do but The Entire Body of Christ. We pray for your support and thank you in advance!  


 Word of the Day

Are you seeking a word that may inspire you and help you today? Our Passion and object is to daily pour into others knowing God pours into us! God bless each of you on your journey. Click on the link of above saying “Word of the Day” there you will find today’s and previous others that may be of interest to you. God Bless!

Periscope(Live Morning Devotions)

Come Visit and Follow us there:
God Head Disciple Ministry Periscope Live

Vessel Talk 

Which is a broad cast on YouTube (Filmed) and Periscope (Live), be sure to follow us there as well! To get teachings from both Roxanne and I. With the events happens so frequently we do our best to stick with  biblical sound events that are mentioned to help us stay up to date with End Time Prophecy. We shared Links further down so that you are open to view were we get out Daily News from which of course Helps us in our Studies.

Our Sources in which God Head Disciple Ministry follow concerning biblical news across the world, insights on Israel and The Middle East war, Prophecy updates, and general watchman events. Sources as Follows:

Rapture Ready

www.raptureready.com/ Has been widely used on a wide scale of many watchmen and christian followers. They have hourly updates and tones of informative articles based on world events dealing with what relates to biblical events. Much like Our Ministry we support them by sharing their news and in various ways however everyone needs support if you feel lead to donations are always accepted here

Currently new: 100 Truths about Jesus I found Interesting 100 Truths about Jesus that would help you discover truth and at its fullest detail. We encourage you to read this. It builds knowledge and in our opinion destroys false teachings against our Messiah. Very Informative.

The Jerusalem Post

www.jpost.com With much great respect for Israel here is the Jpost that gives us continuous updates on Laws, Wars, Politic agreements/Disagreements, Agendas, Conflicts and blogs. With this as a site regularly used we barely miss a thing dealing with world news in a Biblical perspective.

Breaking Israel News

www.breakingisraelnews.com With much information on Terror watch, Middle East, Judea and Sameria Breaking Israel News is a got to site for info quite like the The JPost and Rapture Ready. The Best Part I have noticed about this site is the Biblical Prophecy, End of Days, etc


YouTube Broadcast

Here we do in depth teachings on our personal studies keeping the hearts prepared for the days to come all while sharing the inspiration, truth and revelations as we Journey with each of you Brothers and Sisters. Here is a intro Video be sure to Subscribe and Follow! Thank you so much in Jesus Name!


(Visit our YouTube Page)
Youtube Teaching Ministry Channel

Full seasons of Prayer and Intercession from God Head Disciple Ministry


Prayer Request: It is Important for each of us to Pray for each other. Standing with each other and interceding on each others end. We are the Watchman for the Spiritual Israel.Let us Stand with you on the Wall of  Israel while we watch on our post Praying to Our LORD JESUS CHRIST! God bless you in Jesus Name.

Email to us @ godheaddiscipleministry3@gmail.com or Leave you Name and Email below and we will get back with you for more details, prayers and fellowship!

We as a family Ministry love the idea of families being won to the Lord! We with are great joy and passion when testimonies are made. Here is a small clip of us together it is just a great sense of hope and certainty of God’s love.

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We encourage others to share their testimonies of themselves or entire family transformations. We would love it interact with us. Growing in one mind and body is what we are called to do. If you are interested in sharing your testimonies click this link Testimonies.testimony-banner-01

We have began to interact with other important Ministries that influence our Walk and Relationship not only with Jesus but families, children and of course our marriage. One we would like to present now apart of our Ministry:
International House of Mercy Ministries; who have lead Marriage By Creation and Purely Single on the social media Facebook. Our accomplishment is to produce encouragement through prayer and scripture that would birth better relationships and pointing them to Jesus Christ.

If you single and you are struggling to stay pure, this is a ministry for you!
Purely Single
If you are newly weds or building your marriage back up Then Marriage by Creation is for you!
Marriage by Creation

It is a Pleasure to also present another great Warfare Ministry www.soldiersofwarfare.com/  A website birthed by a death! We all have experienced loss, but now it is our time as Ministries to unite and Warfare against the enemy. Our Focus as a Group of Ministries is to win souls and build each soldier for battle. Its Kingdom wars and We are the Warriors of The King! Yeshua Messiah! Come and Connect with Us:

Join Jackee Founder of SoldiersofWarfare on Periscope:

Jacckees Late night prayer Scope!



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